The results are in, now it is time to think about university life. It is normal for parents to feel emotional when the time comes for their child to leave home and go to university. It is a huge change for everyone involved and after all, this could be the first time that they have been away from you for such a long period of time. Of course you are extremely proud of their achievements and share their excitement, but deep down it is easy to feel distressed that they are off.

Tips for parents with children heading to University

It is important to plan carefully for your child’s departure and think about how you can help – a smooth transition will benefit you all. Ensure they have the basic kitchen utensils at the ready and are stocked up on the cupboard essentials – baked beans and pasta and perhaps pack a small reminder of home!

When you drive them to their halls of residence, stay for a bit but don’t hang around. As nervous as you both may be, this is their time to shine and you don’t want to come across as a fussy parent, this would be seen to be very uncool. If you can, save your tears for the journey home!

Don’t expect your child to call home regularly, they may just forget as they are having fun. Maybe arrange a call or email once a week, just to put your mind at rest. It is also worth noting when they return home at weekends or for the holidays (with all their dirty laundry, a huge shopping list for you to do and to top up their finances!) – expect them to have changed or “matured”, for many reasons they will become more independent (or so they will believe!)

The best advice we can give is to stay calm during anxious times and be there when they need you. It is also important for you to stay positive and think of how you can channel your new-found time to do something that you enjoy doing with your partner or friends. Perhaps take up a new hobby or regular exercise classes.

Maybe it’s time to book a romantic weekend away, or enjoy a night at the theatre, let Surrey Hills Concierge take care of the details. People often say they need to get to know their other halves again once the kids have flown the nest! Give us a call on 07747 444292 or 01306 740651 or email us here.