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Christmas Special Offer

This year we would like to offer you the chance to purchase a gift voucher for yourself, a friend, or several friends, with a super Christmas discount! SHC's 2018 Christmas Special Offer: 4-hour gift voucher for £99 (usual price £120) The voucher could be used for any of our services. Purchase before December 24th for use before the [...]

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What we can do for you – Surrey Hills Concierge

We’ve all heard of a concierge. Many of us have had dealings with one. At your hotel, they make you a dinner reservation and book you a cab. In your office block, they sort out the mail and handle the keys. They’re Helpful. Useful. Reliable. Wouldn’t it be great to have your very own private [...]

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Need a little help this Christmas?

With Christmas almost upon us, now is the perfect time to ensure you have everything in place. At Surrey Hills Concierge we love the festive season but realise the lead up can be stressful. There is always so much to do to make the festive celebrations extra special. Here are just a few things that [...]

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How to be more organised at work – 6 tips

How many times have you wished for more hours in the day to achieve everything you set out to do? I expect quite a lot, as time management is a skill the vast majority of us wish we could improve. If you're constantly working long hours at work you're more likely to burn yourself out [...]

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Admin Services Case Study

Here at Surrey Hills Concierge we understand the way our busy lives put us under pressure in the workplace as well as at home. To help relieve this pressure, our services include business related roles, so we can take care of your administrative tasks and business errands. We can either focus purely on taking care of [...]

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No Time For The Gym? 12 Simple Ways To Sneak Exercise Into Your Day

Many people really struggle to get to the gym frequently enough to maintain their health and fitness levels but with a few ideas and some forethought you can sneak exercise into your day, without barely noticing. Here's 12 ideas to start exercising easily everyday: Climb the stairs taking every other step to make your legs [...]

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10 simple ways to give yourself the gift of time

Time is free, but it’s also priceless – and finding ways to free up time in your day-to-day life can seem like an uphill climb. Today we’re helping you to give yourself the gift of time by passing on 10 failsafe tips we’ve learnt over the years: 1. Figure out your time wasters Where do you lose unnecessary time during the day? If you’re not sure – log your day for a week and see where you procrastinate or which tasks could be reduced, removed or delegated. Taking the initial time to look at this will save you time in the long run and help you keep yourself in check.   2. Learn to say no Say no to requests, invitations, tasks and opportunities where the time investment outweighs your enjoyment or the return. You don’t need to be a martyr and say yes to everything, its ok to be selfish sometimes too. […]

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