A Warm Welcome to Marisa Hill

We are delighted to report Surrey Hills Concierge has had a fantastic year having acquired numerous new clients in addition to our lovely long-term regulars. We now support people and businesses with a wonderfully diverse set of requirements and to do so to the best of our abilities, we have recently expanded our team to include the talented [...]

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Home Minding Service

Whether you are going away on holiday, on business or living abroad for several months of the year – you can rest assured. When you are away we will be your trusted key-holder and can visit your property as frequently as you would you like. Surrey Hills Concierge Home Management Services We will check security, manage [...]

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How Home Management Can Save You Time

Our ‘home management’ service is here to help you to manage your home and rental properties. Whether you need support in running your household on a day to day basis, peace of mind that your home is in safe hands when you are away or reassurance that your rental property is being expertly managed, we [...]

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What we can do for you – Surrey Hills Concierge

We’ve all heard of a concierge. Many of us have had dealings with one. At your hotel, they make you a dinner reservation and book you a cab. In your office block, they sort out the mail and handle the keys. They’re Helpful. Useful. Reliable. Wouldn’t it be great to have your very own private [...]

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House Minding in Surrey

It’s that time of year when the majority of us are getting excited about going away on a summer holiday – whether you are staying in the UK or heading somewhere further afield - it is your well earnt time to relax and clear your mind of the everyday stresses at home. Whilst you’re away, [...]

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Home Sweet Home

I have recently moved house! Only to the next road, admittedly, however, it still felt like an upheaval even though we didn’t move far. We decided for the ease factor to get a removals company in to help pack up our belongings   – we used Alexanders Removals, which I can highly recommend. They were so [...]

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Preparing to let your property

Are you thinking about letting out your property? The process can be time consuming and complicated, however, once everything is in place the rewards can be considerable. In many ways, it is a similar procedure to selling your home – it is all about making your property look good on first impression. You will need [...]

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Decluttering transforms your life and makes you feel great

Although the cold weather is still lingering, you may have noticed that the days are getting slightly longer – or is that just me trying to be optimistic?  The arrival of spring is a welcome return to warmer weather and brighter days and a time for the traditional ‘Spring Clean.’ Decluttering your space can transform [...]

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Furniture Restoration

Have you got a chair with a broken leg? A table with watermarks and scratched surfaces? Or a desk with a missing veneer that you've been wanting to get fixed? Perhaps these have been on your ‘to do’ list for ages. And simply because you don’t have the time to find a reliable company to [...]

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Autumn Gardening Tips

After the hottest September day since 1911, the weather has quickly turned to feel more like Autumn. The evenings are gradually drawing in and Winter will soon be upon us! This is good news for those wanting to get their garden in order, as Autumn is the ideal time to plant. The ground is still [...]

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