I have recently moved house! Only to the next road, admittedly, however, it still felt like an upheaval even though we didn’t move far. We decided for the ease factor to get a removals company in to help pack up our belongings   – we used Alexanders Removals, which I can highly recommend. They were so professional in every way and made the whole process straightforward, for which we were really grateful, especially with 2 small children in tow.

Our new house needs a great deal of updating (that’s a polite way of putting it), most of which we will try and do ourselves. Stripping wallpaper is first on the list, and I am currently struggling to imagine why anyone invented chipboard (ahhhhh it’s such a pain) and who thought avocado was an appropriate colour for a bathroom suite? I’m hoping that it will soon come back into fashion and my bathroom will be ‘the talk’ for all the right reasons!!  Although green is my little boy’s favourite colour, so he is pretty impressed by the shade.

moving home and getting it in orderI am also finding out first hand at how time-consuming it is arranging appointments for plumbers, electricians, and other tradesmen. Then there is waiting in for them to come and provide a quote, and after acceptance to come back and actually do the work. Apparently it is a sign of a good worker if they are booked up 5 weeks ahead, which is not ideal when a job needs doing immediately.

An electrician came round a few weeks ago and I am still waiting to hear back from him. I have chased several times with no acknowledgment – so frustrating and a waste of time. That’s why I’m always happy when I have a recommendation, as it is a minefield trying to find a reliable plumber from Google! It just makes me wish that my skill set extended to fitting bathrooms, tiling, plumbing and general building work – it would be so much simpler and cheaper!

help with your new houseIf you are about to move house, are looking to re-decorate your home or need some general work doing and time is not on your side, we can help.

We can book the appointments on your behalf and be there to meet them when required – so you don’t have to take valuable time off work or rearrange your plans just to wait in. Please contact us to see how we can help lighten your load.