One of the greatest pleasures of going away on holiday or enjoying a special occasion is subsequently looking at photographs and reliving the memories.

help creating photo albumIn previous years, nostalgia was conveyed through a slideshow projector, or by flipping through blurred prints that didn’t always quite capture the moment!

However, thanks to digital cameras, smartphones and selfie sticks, we have all suddenly become professional photographers, taking good quality pictures with just one click of a button, viewing them immediately and deleting the not so good ones! Going to the local “Snappy Snaps” and waiting several days to get the film developed seems like a distant memory.

We can look back now and laugh at how inconvenient that was, after all, who had the time in their busy day to day lives to pop into town to drop the film off and then go back to collect the photos.

However, I remember the excitement of collecting my photos and putting them into an album. It was nice to be able to sit with friends and family and flick through them. Photographs you could touch, almost as if touching the people themselves, even the ones where your friend’s eyes are shut pulling funny facial expressions, still made it into the album and hold fond memories!

help creating everlasting memories with photo albumsSadly times have changed and trawling through hundreds of photos from a memory card isn’t often an option. As a result, they tend not to get printed and either stay on the camera or just downloaded to a computer.

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, to have all your favourite photos printed, dated and put into a photo album, or in a personalised photo book, on canvas or in photo frames so you could enjoy them for years to come? It comes down to finding the spare time to do so, which unfortunately we don’t always have.

So why not let Surrey Hills Concierge help you with this task? We can either take care of your to-do list to give you the time to get stuck in, or we can take on the task ourselves – we just need you to provide your photos (whether they’re in files, on memory cards or still in your camera!) and we’ll pick out the best ones and create an album in the style of your choice.

Call us on 07747 444292 or 01306 740651 or email info@surreyhillsconcierge to find out more.