Did you know you could earn money by decluttering? Now that’s a good incentive to rummage through your drawers and have a clear out – Even if you donate the money to charity.

The gradual build-up of clutter can be very annoying; I have noticed this particularly with my children’s toys – especially the plastic bulky bits and bobs which fill boxes and barely get played with!

You may think that some of your cast offs are of little value, but it is surprising what people will buy. You can sell almost anything online, so rather than just throwing away your unwanted possessions, remember there are ways to make money whilst creating space.

Selling your unwanted belongings online

Online allows you to reach a wider market – ranging from auctioning sites such as eBay (who take a cut of the final sale value) or gumtree, to specific local Facebook group pages.

If you have old mobile phones, books, DVDs, computer games and CDs that you no longer want then there are specific websites, such as musicMagpie, through which you can sell.

Lots to get rid of but don’t have the time?

Perhaps you don’t have the time to photograph and list the items you would like to dispose of and instead, they are just sitting in a corner of a room collecting dust – when they could be making you some money.

Surrey Hills Concierge can help you to efficiently de-clutter your home and sell items on your behalf including packaging and posting the items.

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