Are you thinking of putting your house on the market?

Getting your house ready for viewings is incredibly important to make sure you create a good first impression. It is about presenting the strengths and opportunities of your home to potential buyers and creating an environment they can imagine themselves in and that suits their family and lifestyle.

If you are selling your home or thinking about it, we have put together a few ideas that will help you get your home ready.


First Impressions…

These really do count. Stand outside your property and try to visualise it as if you were seeing it for the very first time. Does it look appealing and inviting? Is the lawn mown and are the flower beds tidy? Are the front door and windows in need of a clean?  If there are certain things that are letting your property down such as missing doorknobs, broken tiles, blocked guttering, dripping taps or broken lighting, then get them mended. It is money well spent.


Spring Clean…

Full redecoration is unnecessary, but do give your home the once-over and do any little jobs that might be making the place look less than perfect. Replace any peeling wallpaper, touch up chipped or marked paintwork, clean the kitchen cupboards, wash the floors, remove any piles of clutter and thoroughly clean and tidy every room.


De-clutter and recycle…

Lots of storage space is always popular so do everything you can to maximise what you have. Make sure that cupboards are tidy and organised; you never know which cupboard may get opened by a potential buyer so try not to cram all your clutter into one place! 

Recycle anything you no longer need or want and generally have a good clear-out. It will be one less thing to do when you do move out.  

It’s essential that each room appears as it is intended to be used. Imagine yourself looking for a three bedroom house and only seeing two bedrooms and a storage room as opposed to three well-presented bedrooms, you would be disappointed, wouldn’t you? People need to be able to visualise themselves living in your property,  so make it easy  for them to see all the wonderful space that you are offering.


Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes…

This really is true so pay particular attention to these rooms. Put away as many of your items as possible so your potential buyers see clutter-free surfaces. Taps covered in limescale, a stained bath and cluttered worktops will not create a very good impression, a good clean will make a difference!


Would you like a hand?

If you are struggling to find the time or don’t have the inclination to declutter and spring clean your home ready for viewings, then we can help you. We have a special offer on our moving house declutter package at £375 (£450) for three 5 hour sessions where we work alongside you sorting, decluttering, organising and tidying the rooms in your house to leave you with a clean, clear and fresh space that’s no longer cluttered with your unwanted possessions.  Please contact us for a free consultation.