There are so many benefits to a good decluttering session, but it becomes pretty vital when you are considering selling your home. From creating the best first impression in viewings to making the moving process MUCH easier – we run through why making the effort to declutter your home now will be so worthwhile.

Prepare your home for viewings:

  1. Decluttering can really help you to utilise the space you have in your home. When people view a house, the ‘How much space is there’ question is always top of the list. By minimising the number of your items on show, you can make your space look larger. If this process sounds a little daunting – We can come and offer you all-around support, working with you to decide what you no longer use or need and helping you to have a good old sort out.
  2. When people view a clean and tidy home, it automatically makes the property more appealing. It helps people to visualise themselves living in the home you’re selling. Clean and tidy homes can highlight attractive points about the property and generally make things more spacious, light and airy.
  3. If you’d like to take this to the next level, we work with an excellent interior designer who can ‘dress’ your home to its best potential.

Make life easy for yourself

  1. By doing your decluttering before you sell, you make life much easier for yourself when you come to moving into your next property. This extra bit of organisation means you will have less stress trying to organise what to take to your new property and fewer things to physically move into your new home.

We can help guide you through the process of moving home

We understand that time isn’t always on your side and life has a tendency to be busy – so why not let us help you with moving house to remove the hassle and stress from the process? We can visit your home for a free consultation to understand your exact requirements. We then provide a complimentary quote and work with you along every step of the way from the initial home declutter, to finding the right removal company to setting up your new home ready for you just to move in – ensuring a smooth transition along the way.

Please call us on 01306 740651 or 07747 444292 or email to see how we can help you.