Surrey Hills Concierge can tailor specifically to those who appreciate the finest things in life. Whether you’re travelling for work or for play we believe that chartering a private jet takes luxury travel to the next level, and thanks to specialist private jet charter brokers like Smart Aviation, who we work with, it couldn’t be easier.

Convenience and comfort

private jet charter surreyA private jet charter allows you to travel to your exact, chosen schedule – perfect for business and leisure travel alike. You can dictate the departure time for the plane and choose a private airport close to you – chartering opens up a whole other world of smaller airports to fly from and to.

A chartered jet can handle complex itineraries and multiple stops with ease as the aircraft is completely at your disposal. Forget working around airline schedules, delays and cancellations – you have the option to create your very own bespoke travel itinerary.

Private jet charters offer a high level of security and privacy, and it’s possible to arrive at the airport and board your waiting aircraft in as little as 30 minutes.


Travel with family, friends and petsprivate jet charter surrey

There are a wide range of jets to choose from when chartering a private jet. Smart Aviation have access to private jets of all sizes, including the most desired executive jet available, and they will be able to advise on the most appropriate option for you and your party.

One big advantage to private jet charter is the option to take your pets with you, so both you and your furry friends can travel in comfort. As long as your pet’s documents and vaccinations are up to date, they can travel in the cabin with you. Read more about chartering a jet for your pet.

Private jet charter costs

The cost to charter a jet depends on the type of aircraft, where you will be travelling to and from, how many passengers are travelling and your dates of travel.

An approximate cost for a mid-size private jet seating up to 8 passengers, from London to Nice would be £1400 per person.

private jet charter surreyWith all things considered chartering a plane can be a cost-effective option, if you take into account all of the benefits a private jet can give you compared to the cost of first-class travel with some commercial airlines.

For an accurate quote, you can submit a charter request to Smart Aviation or contact SHC and we can help put all your travel arrangements together.