moving house tips

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do during your life, as there’s so much to consider, organise and manage – and there’s so much room for things to slip through the net if you don’t stay on top of everything. Which is why we’ve compiled our top ten easy packing tips, plus compiled a bonus checklist for you to download and print to ensure you are organised and on top of everything during your move.

Our top 10 easy packing tips:

1. Have a clear out

Before you start packing, take any unwanted belongings to the recycling centre or charity shop or even have a garage sale. Getting rid of all unwanted items will make moving much easier.

2. Pack by rooms

Try to keep similar room items together for example books, CDs, clothes, kitchen utensils etc. This will make unpacking much easier and quicker.



3. Label the boxes

It is very important to label the box with the contents so that you know where things are stored. If you don’t label your boxes carefully you; end up opening them before you know where they should go.

4. Keep important documents safe

Pack important documents together, such as birth and marriage certificates, and keep them in a safe place. Once you arrive, make sure you unpack them before they get buried or sent to the loft.

5. Don’t overfill

Don’t overfill your boxes and make them too heavy, this should reduce the risk of injury or breakage. Leaving space will allow you to add small items later if you needto keep things together.


dont overfill

6. Heavier items

Pack heavier items individually and use smaller boxes to make lifting easier. If you pack with other items place the heavier ones at the bottom of the box and lighter items on top.

7. Fragile items

Pack your fragile items individually with plenty of padding and label the boxes accordingly. Use newspaper, tissue or bubble wrap, and make sure the items can’t move around inside the box.

8. Storing the boxes

Use your garage as a pre-staging area ready for the move, this will help keep the house clear of clutter while you pack the rest of your stuff.

9. Unpacking

Use the new garage or spare bedroom to store boxes before unpacking, this will avoid too much clutter and enable you to organise the furniture quickly.

10. Food

Consider ordering your favourite takeaway to keep everyone happy and avoid the hassle of preparing food on your first night. Fish and chips with a bottle of champagne to celebrate is a good choice.

Our bonus checklist:

house packing checklisthouse packing checklisthouse packing checklisthouse packing checklisthouse packing checklist

To download the full checklist as a PDF and print it so you can tick it off as you go, click here.

If you are struggling to find enough time to arrange everything for your house move, we can offer you help with our home relocation service.

We can help you search for your ideal home, coordinate removal firm quotes, organise the packing and unpacking of your home contents, liaise with utility companies and even make up the beds and arrange for a grocery shop to be delivered and unpacked ready for your first evening meal.

We can also provide a new resident guide containing all the relevant information you need for your family and send new address cards to everyone in your address book. These are just some of the ways we can help you have a ‘stress free’ move into your new home.

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